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        Social media marketing

        How do you help clients amplify brand relevance, uncover media insights and social media habits to interact and engage with Users on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Instagram and WeChat?

        • What We Do

          Our approach to Social Media Marketing starts with helping brands start a conversation and keep that conversation going. After all, we know that when people tell their friends about certain brands, it is not because they like the brand, but that they like their friends.

          From retail to automotive, wellness and financial institutions, we've run social media marketing campaigns and built communities of fans on Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, LinkedIn, Twitter and Weibo.

        • Social media marketing Services

          1. Personalised content creation
          2. Facebook marketing
          3. WeChat marketing
          4. LinkedIn marketing
          5. Instagram marketing
          6. Facebook content creation
          7. LinkedIn content creation
          8. WeChat content creation
          9. Instagram stories creation
          10. Research & Insights
          11. Strategy and Ideation
          12. Management
          13. Advocacy programmes
          14. Listening & Monitoring programmes
          15. Community building & management
          16. Facebook App programming
          17. Games, app builds


        What We Do

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