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        HSBC CHINA WeChat Marketing

        How do you work around a financial institution's constraints for interactive .html content on their own website?

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        HSBC China recently launched a series of 9 online wealth management tools on the HSBC mobile app. To introduce these new tools to HSBC customers and encourage usage, we conceived and implemented an online awareness building campaign. 

        As there are several features within each tool, there is a need for high level of animation to showcase the features. 


        For security reasons, it is not possible to implement highly interactive HTML on the HSBC China website. This also limited our ability to present the content in a more creative and engaging manner.


        To overcome these challenges, we developed an interactive experience post on the WeChat platform by the close integration of creativity, design, animation and technology through the use of Scale Vector Graphics (SVG). 

        While SVG is not new (SVG 2.0 was introduced in 2016), its popularity has only picked up in China recently due to the ability to deliver animation and interaction in small file sizes and use them on WeChat posts.

        For example, one of the posts contained 7 screen flow animations to guide the users on using the features.

        The 9 digital wealth management tools are introduced over a series of 5 interactive experience posts on WeChat, unified by the creative concept of a treasure chest.


        HSBC China employed SVG in its WeChat post for the first time with the first 2 WeChat posts garnering close to 3,000 pageviews organically without any third-party media buys or activities.

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