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        Medtronic Neuromodulation Website Development

        Make a website more user-friendly by making it user-centric and to enable users to find what they want easily

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        Medtronic Neuromodulation did not have an existing website and were dependent on the global English site to communicate to local customers.

        Unfortunately, the global website has a lot of information and deep navigation levels, making it difficult for users to find what they are looking for.


        We proposed to develop a new responsive website from scratch with the objective of:

        • Enabling users to find out more about the brand, therapies and products.
        • Enabling users to locate hospitals in China that offer Medtronic therapies.
        • We distilled the content from the global site, localized the content and developed a new information architecture by adopting a user-centric approach.
        • The responsive website was developed on .NET platform supported by a customized CMS.


        • Digital Strategy
        • Website design
        • Responsive website front end coding
        • Website development
        • User experience design (UX)
        • Site information architecture
        • .NET CMS
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