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        Parkway Hospitals Doctor's Video

        How do you bring to live a suite of enhanced marketing features that enables Doctors to market their expertise and services to patients better?


        With the launch of the new Parkway Hospital's website and enhanced features to help Doctors market themselves better, we embarked on a marketing video to showcase these new features to increase awareness and encourage more Doctors to participate in the new website.


        As part of the creative development process for the video animation, we focused our key messaging points around educating Doctors' about these key enhancements :

        • Specialists are displayed within the description of medical conditions and treatments.  This gives the doctors more prominence.
        • ‘Ask A Doctor’ feature, where website users can pose questions to doctors from within medical conditions and treatment pages.  These questions will be channelled to only specialist where for the medical conditions and treatments.
        • ‘Share Articles’ features.  This feature allows the site to muster the expertise of all 800 specialists to curate and share relevant medical content with website users.
        • All of a doctor’s contributed content from ‘Ask A Doctor’ and ‘Share Articles’ are also displayed on the doctor’s enhanced CV page for website visitors to get a better sense of a doctor’s personality.


        • Copywriting
        • Storyboarding
        • Visual design
        • Video Animation
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