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        Email Marketing

        Effective email marketing campaigns applied with the right audience data will convert prospects into customers, customers into repeat buyers and engaged fans. Don't let anyone tell you different.

        • What We Do

          In our opinion, email marketing is one of the most direct and cost-effective methods you can employ in your marketing arsenal to connect with your leads, nurture them, and converting them into engaged and loyal fans.

          Whether you're using email marketing to talk to newly acquired customers, or re-engaging with old customers who need to be re-acquainted with your products and services, together with customer data analytics, segmentation and target messaging, it can be massively powerful to help build relationships and spur the cycle of selling and upselling. 

          Mautic Solution Partner

          We are an official partner of Acquia's Mautic Cloud solution which helps Client Marketers at any stage of their digital maturity or personalization strategy to be able to scale, automate integrate and personalize all their digital properties and channels, users can deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences.

          So talk to us today to learn all about how you can:
          1.  How to build out your audience segments.
          2.  Optimize your emails for the highest open rates, click-through rates (CTR).
          3.  Automate the process of nurturing your leads and turning prospects into customers.
          4.  Do AB testing and fine tune your content for greater personalization.
          5.  Track and manage your campaigns and make data driven decisions based on visitor behavior on landing pages.

        • Email Marketing Services

          1. Visual Design 
          2. Copywriting / Copyediting
          3. Mobile optimised email design
          4. Responsive email design
          5. Email broadcasts
          6. Email analytics
          7. Audience segmentation
          8. Campaign Management
          9. AB testing
          10. Marketing analytics
          11. Email personalisation


        What We Do

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