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Nickel Free Titanium Buckle Men


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Toxic Heavy Metals FREE ! Italian hight quality full grain genuine leather with vegetable tanning process. don't have toxic heavy metals inside the strap. it's very safe to human. and very environment friendly
NICKEL FREE TITANIUM BUCKLE is safe. lightweight and durable.won't ever cause an allergic reaction
ORDER RISK FREE! GRASEP men’s leather belts come with a 30 days Satisfaction guarantee and 360 days quality warranty on materials and workmanship. GRASEP Men’s Belts. where technology meets Fashion!
S M L XL XXL XXXL XXXXL XXXXXL. 8 sizes fit most people. Full Grain Leather Belt Strap is 1.5 (38 mm) Wide and about 3.2mm Thick. with proper care. it could last very long
VERY FINE WORKMANSHIP make this titanium buckle belt a precious gift to him friends or for family dad father grandpa boyfriend
S M L XL XXL XXXL XXXXL XXXXXL. TOTAL 8 sizes fit most people.Belt Strap is 1.5 (38 mm) Wide and about 3.2mm ThickPlease be sure to check the size chart in the image for waist and size matching. it's very important. A perfect casual dress belt for anyone. especially those who are allergic to nickel and hard on their belts! The titanium buckle is nickel free and won't ever cause an allergic reaction. The Italian imported top grain leather is extremely durable and comfortable! Titanium Buckle is 100% nickel free and guaranteed never to test positive for nickel. Because of delicate material make-up. taking care of your leather belt is a must in ensuring its luster and durability. Maintain your favorite leather belt by following a few tricks of the trade: (1) Make sure it fits: Buying a belt that is too large for your waist size is one sure-fire way to ruin it quickly. If too large. the belt will bend around itself which results in small lines and creases.(2) Condition it: Treat it right after you buy it with leather conditioner. (3) Clean it: Over time. leather can develop a small odor. To rid the stink. give it a good once-over cleaning. (4) Don’t wear it out: It’s best to keep at least two belts in your wardrobe and alternate wearing them.(5) Keep it dry: It’s a common known fact that leather and water just don’t mix.

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